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Head over to the audio portal everyone!  Haunted Alchemist Chapter 10 has been posted so get it while it's fresh and hot!  Hoping to finish the writing on Chapter 11 within the week and possibly have it narrated as well.  Don't count on the schedule but that's what I'm gonna try to stick to!

Thanks everyone!

It took a short time but the next part of the Haunted Alchemist series is up for viewing!  Check it out over at my channel and be ready for Chapter 10 to follow soon after!

Hey all,

I'm not sure how many have been following my series "The Haunted Alchemist."  However, after a long break, the story will continue and I wanted to let you all know of that!  I have been writing far more than usual and already am nearly two more chapters through.  Once they're recorded and ready to go, I'll be posting them as soon as I can. Stay tuned for the continuation of the tale!

In other news:  I am still working on more voice demos.   I am working very dilligently (when I have the time of course) to ensure the most professional and fitting work is completed.  I've looked up numerous examples, tutorials, and tips on creation so I hope I am headed in the right direction.  There's several major demos to do and each one requires multiple projects on top of it.  So that will take some time and I don't want to rush it to get only mediocre results.

One other bit of news:  I have been chosen to voice a  part in a new episode in a series here on Newgrounds known as "The Wish."  The episode for that specifically hasn't landed yet but if you're a major fan of Magic the Gathering, you should check the previous ones out!

Thank you all for the support everyone.  Feel free to PM me if you want to chat, have any projects you need a voice in, or if you have any ideas you'd like to see in future stories/voicing/music!

New Refined Demo Out Now!

2017-03-15 13:18:49 by Snak

Hello everyone!

After plenty of helpful reviews and critiques on my last demo (thank you to all who took the time to share your thoughts and comments with me by the way!) I have decided to refine my ideas and submit something a little different.

It was the concensus that a nearly monotone presentation styled introduction read off a script was not the best way to encompass my talents.  So, in an effort to show off more, I have compiled together a whole collection of various voices to really showcase a good variety of what I am capable of!

I would appreciate further review of my new demo!  It can be found here:

Thank you everybody!

Getting started in the voicing!

2017-03-12 20:25:53 by Snak

Thank you for the responses to my last post everyone!  I do appreciate the involvement I have seen.  It means a lot to me to be able to reach out and receive such a kind return.  

As it was mentioned in a comment upon my previous post, I hadn't put up a demo!  That is indeed correct, I want to move forward and share my name out there but it would certainly help to get a professional demo.

I have made a few before but nothing I would send to companies or production areas!  So, amidst work, I was finally able to get a chance to do a preliminary recording.  I worked at it for several takes and finally settled and have just posted that.

I would appreciate any constructive criticism or thoughts on the structuring of the demo.  Please check it out here and leave me a message or comment!

Thank you once again everyone!

S.O.S. Help me out everyone!

2017-03-03 21:49:16 by Snak

-Alright guys I need some help out here-

I haven't been quite as active as previously due to a new job.  Granted new job means pay and a way to make a living.  But it's pretty miserable in pure honesty.  I'm all about the passion of voice acting and I refuse to let go of that dream.

Which is why I've come here to post this tonight.  I need some help everyone.  I need to get my voice out there, I need to share demos/my websites, and I need to keep recording more.  I want to break into the realm of true professional full time voicing!

That's where you all come in.  Everyone here has been very inspirational, friendly, and kind hearted.  All I ask is that you share my works with friends, colleagues, family, or anyone else!  If you're a fellow voicer, I'd love to work with some collaboration as well if you'd perhaps be interested.

Thank you everyone for listening.  I hope to get back to making voice samples, demos, and narrations real soon here so that I can keep sharing them with everyone.

New Sites

2017-01-25 23:45:18 by Snak

It's been hard to keep up to date with voicing/audio work with other work always getting in the way!  But I managed to finally make a few additions to my social network.  Check out my new tumblr page!  Combining audio and videos from all sorts of places in one neat package.  I'm still working on expanding to some other areas but for now I think these will be a great addition to help share my works.  Make sure to follow if you like as I will keep the page updated with the same works as I place here and possibly some new ones!

New Projects

2016-07-03 18:31:55 by Snak

Hello Everyone,

Just making a random post, as I should be doing more often.  I wanted to get some input or thoughts on what the next project should be!  It's a bit hard to get a direction for voice acting.  If I'm not doing it for a specific reason, there's so many possibilities!  Narrations, audio books, story writing, various characters, etc.  I want to know what you guys would like to hear.  If any of you are looking for a voice for an animation/podcast/radio show/etc., I'd love to help out as well! Let me hear some thoughts, I'm open to pretty much anything!

The Haunted Alchemist

2015-05-15 12:32:36 by Snak

From one story right into another!  I've already posted the first part (of many) to my newest tale: The Haunted Alchemist!  I hope to keep it updated regularly as well as sneak in maybe a few more small pieces to other stories along the way.  This should be a lot better than having giant hour long narrations piled up into one single track!

The Heist story!

2015-05-08 03:13:12 by Snak

After months of writer's block, school, and other random assortments of distractions, I have FINALLY finished The Heist Story.  I will be posting it later on this week!