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I've gotten myself out of the forefront of the customer service industry but I will never forget the grand (by that, I mean damned awful) experiences such as these here. Thanks for a good laugh and absolutely well done with a fantastic set of tales and entertaining animation. I'd love to see some more stories!

This was AWESOME! I don't even know where to begin! I rarely ever write reviews but I had to for this. Animation quality is excellent, the sound engineering is unbelievable, and you made such good use of sound clips along with such a creepy plot! I hope Mark sees this and puts it up on his channel because you deserve some recognition. Well done!

That was an extremely epic rendition of an extremely epic song. Very nicely done! The singing was perfectly voiced, the animation was very clever (I especially like how you kept it similar to the actual song but with unique twists), and it was an overall clean and well made animation. You don't see too many like this on the front page anymore, great work!

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This came out better than I expected! I think you're getting the hang of that Unity engine and making good use of it's features. Fun little game to keep occupied for awhile and kill some time...and zombies hah! Keep up the good work Eggy, always enjoy your new uploads!

Very fun!

Although not an original idea, this is a very well made game! It's challenging but not so much that it makes you want to just quit playing after the first round. The music made it quite an epic battle each time and, for just 7 levels, it lasted longer than I expected!

It's not often anymore that I find a game that keeps me interested long enough to play from start to finish so great job, can't wait to play the next one!

PS: If you haven't already, think about releasing this as a mobile app because it sure would be a great time spender! I'd download it for sure.

Great job!

Original and neat!

This is truly an original idea, very neat! It's well made and addictingly fun. The levels progress nicely in difficulty and the overall gameplay is great!

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Boom. Brilliant as always my friend. I think the fixed recording really helped and the additions to the beat keeps it fresh with every twist in the story. I like the reverb on my vocals too, it really helps the two mesh together.

I eagerly await our next project!

Diggin it! A very nice beat, sounds like it belongs in a club scene! But a particularly tense one. Would certainly fit the feel!

TheRealHVAC responds:

Thanks man! I appreciate the kind words!

Well done! I like how you've pieced everything together and gave it such a dark brooding tone just like from the story! Good work :D !

FJOB responds:

Thanks you!!!!

Hello! My name is Carl and I am a voice actor, writer, musician, artist, video editor, graphic designer, and about anything else creative you can think of! I love taking on different projects and seeing how I can put my own unique spin on things.

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